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Matt Bagley Team’s Chilling 2017 Happy Halloween Real Estate Newsletter Update!

Matt Bagley Team’s Chilling 2017 Happy Halloween Real Estate Newsletter Update!

How’s the fall market?  Wow!  Thrilling news!  Cedar City Area’s Median Sales Price is up Year-to-Date 18.4% to $190,000, and that’s no spook story!  The Utah Association of REALTORs (UAR) recently published August 2017 Local Market Updates by County and reported Iron County closed sales are up 21.9%.  Please see attached for more details and for information on every county.  Watch for the 3rd quarter Multiple Listing Service (MLS) graphs with even more information when available in our next update.


Our local real estate market is alive and well as it is in most areas of the country according to recent news. Inventory is still low, and we have more buyers than homes available for sale even though there is some new construction. Lots are still slow sellers.  Our builders locally are quite busy which is a good healthy sign of a steady market.


Preparing homes for sale is of prime importance for a quick sale.  The Residential Specialist Sept/Oct real estate magazine reports “Doing home projects yourself can help you save money…and fill you with pride at a job well done with your own two hands. But there are circumstances where a pro is the way to go…” Patching drywall, cleaning the air conditioner condenser unit and repairing plumbing hardware are worth tackling on your own.  However, the article suggests calling a pro if there is a big hole in the drywall, if you want to repair or replace the HVAC, and if you have remodeling renovations that require alterations to the plumbing.  Repairing and fixing up are valuable aids in attracting a quick sale.


Of course, homes need to be clean, painted, decluttered, organized and beautiful to show well in the pictures we send all over the world on line and to attract your buyer.  I recommend going into each room and deciding what can be done to make more light and space.  If closets, cupboards or drawers are crowded, your home will look like there is not enough storage.  Taking 3 boxes into each space helps.  Everything can be beautifully arranged or placed in the garbage, donation or packing box. When this is accomplished, the home should be ready to show as long as you have done all necessary to beautify both the inside and out.  First impressions go a long way in giving your buyer that warm fuzzy home feeling.  Call our Team.  Giving home-preparation and staging suggestions are part of our service.


Preparing the home for sale is valuable, but so is pricing the home correctly!  Please call our Team for a market overview to make sure your home is priced to compete with other homes.  You want your home to show the best and to be priced correctly to get top dollar quickly.


Our marketing is tops and it works! I don’t know of anyone that advertises more aggressively to get your real estate sold!  If it shows well and is priced reasonably, our advertising will get a quick offer at top dollar! If you don’t already have an offer, please contact our team today to discuss what you can do to help!


Please call our Team at 435-865-1019 at ERA Realty Center for your free consultation!  You can also email bagleyteam@gmail.com or text Matt Bagley at 435-590-8788, Jennifer Corral at 435-559-0366 and Janet Naisbitt-Bagley at 435-559-7772.  This Newsletter is written by Janet Naisbitt-Bagley.  We want to answer all your questions and concerns and give you top service.  We want our top experience and expertise to benefit you and help you turn your realty dreams into reality.

UAR April 2017


What is “Autumn eight?” Find Out In Your Matt Bagley Team Fall 2017 Real Estate Newsletter!

What is “Autumn eight?”  Find Out In Your Matt Bagley Team Fall 2017 Real Estate Newsletter!


We are experiencing cooler temperatures and seeing gorgeous autumn leaves!  That means it is time for “preventive maintenance” on your home to save you “unexpected expenses or emergency repairs,” and it “may also reduce energy costs” according to Sept/Oct 2017 article in “The Residential Specialist.”  Here is their checklist:


“INTERIOR  1.  Get your furnace inspected:  Hire a professional to check for any leaks, replace the filter if needed and check heating efficiency.  2.  Winterize air conditioning:  If you live in areas where the temperature changes drastically and it snows, ensure that your external air condition unit is properly covered.  This is a good maintenance tip to increase the life expectancy of the unit.  3. Draft-proof your home: Check around the edges of your windows and doors to detect any possible air leaks.  If required, repair the caulking and replace seals to prevent heat loss.  4.  Test your home safety devices:  Make sure that your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are up and running.  This is extremely important and should not be overlooked.  Replace batteries, if needed.”


“EXTERIOR:  5.  Roof check:  Do a visual inspection of your roof using binoculars.  If  you spot missing or damaged shingles, it’s time to get them fixed.  6.  Inspect home exterior:  Check for cracks and holes and repair them or hire a professional.  7.  Clean the gutters:  Remove all leaves and debris to ensure that the gutters are clear.  Check for any possible leaks.  8.  Examine your surroundings:  Check for any damaged trees that could pose a potential hazard, trim landscaping, close your pool and put away any seasonal furniture and yard equipment.”  Note:  “This article was provided by Pillar to Post home inspectors.  For more information, go to pillartopost.com.”


Of course, in our area, it is important to also WINTERIZE sprinkling systems, evaporated coolers and everything else that might freeze.  If the home is vacant, WINTERIZE plumbing and pipes and leave on some heat.


Everywhere we go, people want to know, “How’s the market?”  It is awesome and steady.  It is a great market to sell and buy!  It is difficult to predict if prices will continue to rise steadily.  “The Price is Not Quite Right” is an article in the same real estate magazine quoted above.  “Home prices are nationally the highest they have ever been–but adjust for inflation, and that story changes.”  “Adjusting for inflation, this “new peak” is still 15 percent below the high in 2006.  And the new peak isn’t the rule across the country–only 41 of the nation’s largest 100 metros saw home prices grow to new peaks, despite the fact that 97 of the 100 metros saw home price growth overall.”


In our Cedar City area, Iron County statistics show a 17.1% increase in closed sales in 2017 over 2016 in the latest published Utah Association of REALTORS Local Market Updates by County. The Median Sales Price has risen year to date (YTD) 18.7% to $189,900.  See attached report for details and for every county and the entire state.  Our local real estate market is great and is expected to continue.  Many homes are selling in all price ranges.  Some lots are selling and there is new construction.  Commercial and development land sales are not fast sellers but are selling.


Inventory is still low in our area.  Even more homes would be selling if available on the market. According to Lawrence Yun, NAR chief economist, the country is experiencing a big inventory shortage. More new construction would be helpful.


If you want to sell your home or any real estate in this market, top marketing is required.  Our Team is doing that for you as we aggressively market!  If your home or other real estate is not sold in 30 days, a market adjustment in price may be needed.  Please contact our Team today for a market overview and for hints as to how to prepare your home for showings.  Marketing, pricing and staging are all important for top dollar quickly which is what you want!


Please contact your Matt Bagley Team at 435-865-1019 at ERA Realty Center today for your free real estate consultation!  We want your realty dreams to become reality and we give top service and expertise to make that happen!  What are your questions? Concerns? You can also email bagleyteam@gmail.com or text or call Matt Bagley at 435-590-8788; Jennifer Corral at 435-559-0366; or Janet Naisbitt-Bagley at 435-559-7772.  We are your top Team!  What else can we do to always give you top-trained, experienced and professional expertise and service!  We love hearing from youUAR July 2017

Exciting News and 10 Top Selling Tips in This August 2017 Real Estate Newsletter Update From Your Matt Bagley Team

Exciting News and 10 Top Selling Tips in This August 2017 Real Estate Newsletter Update From Your Matt Bagley Team!


“This is an exciting time in the home mortgage market.  The economy continues to grow, jobs and wages are both up, and although interest rates are rising, rates remain very attractive for home purchase,” as reported in National Association of REALTORS (NAR) REALTOR Magazine July/August 2017 issue.  Loan products are available that improve the home buying process!  Buyers and sellers benefit from low interest rates and great loan products.  Lawrence Yun, NAR chief economist states, “The economy is in its seventh year of expansion.”  “Home prices have recovered as well.” Gratitude is how I feel about the real estate business and the real estate market.  It is awesome!  I hope it remains steady for many years!


10 Home Selling Tips That Attract Top Dollar Quickly:


1,  First and most important:  Your real estate team must have top technology, top service, top experience, top negotiating skills and top training!

  1. Ask to see your REALTOR team’s market plan. World wide advertising on line with many pictures is a must as well as local print ads.
  2. Hire a home inspector. It is very helpful to know up front what repairs need to be made to make the sale.  Ask for a list of inspectors.
  3. Ask your agent to give suggestions to help you make your home show perfect. Fix up, clean up, paint, declutter and throw away both inside and

out. Staging homes for sale is huge in attracting top dollar.  Buyers search by price and pictures and look for quality and upgrades.  Curb appeal

and how the home feels are of utmost importance.  A smell of freshly baked bread or cookies and seeing light and space go a long way in

creating that “I’m home” feeling that attracts buyers to make an offer.  It is best for seller to be out of the home.  Buyers can ask questions later.

  1. Make sure your agent includes many excellent pictures on line nationally and worldwide and in the Multiple List Service (MLS).
  2. Make sure your agent markets to other REALTORs as well as buyers. Your buyer may have a friend or relative in real estate, so you want all

REALTORs to know your home.  Ask if your home is on Wasatch Front MLS and Washington County MLS as well as Iron County MLS.

  1. Price your home with the current market! Ask your agent for a realistic value and to see past sales as well as current competition.
  2. Make your home available to show when the buyer wants to see it. Most buyers are out of state with time schedules.
  3. Remain politically neutral with agents and buyers. Politics can affect your sale. Be honest and genuine without contentious topics.

10.Be courteous and kind to agents and buyers even when mistakes are made.  They may be just the one to sell your home!


Latest available Utah Association of REALTORs statistics show continued real estate market improvement.  Closed Sales and Median Sales prices are both up significantly in Iron County with Iron County Median Sales Price being $189,900.  See attached “Local Market Updates by County” for more details and for information on all counties in Utah.  The Iron County Board of REALTORs graphs attached include “Current Market Analysis” for 4/1/2017 thru 8/8/2017 showing more homes sold than lots.  We do need more new construction to increase the low inventory of homes for sale in our area which would work to increase lot sales also.  The attached graph, “Residential Market Summary Report by Price” for the same period of time shows more homes in Cedar City and surrounding areas sold between $100,000 and $299,999 than any other price range.  The same graph shows 108 homes sold above $300,000 which proves homes are selling in all price ranges. Attached “Residential Market Summary Report by Area” shows how many homes sold in Cedar City, Enoch and etc.  The “Sold By Market Share” shows ERA Realty Center as top selling office.


Contact your Matt Bagley Team at 435-865-1019 or email bagleyteam@gmail.com for your free real estate consultation regarding staging, showing, pricing, advertising, or other concerns and questions.  We want to help you make all your real estate dreams turn into reality!  Text or call today Matt Bagley at 435-590-8788, Jennifer Corral at 435-559-0366 and Janet Naisbitt-Bagley at 435-559-7772.  Yes!  Janet is still in the real estate business and works as part of the Matt Bagley Team, who is her son.  This article is written by Janet Naisbitt-BagleyUAR May 2017 Stats

Hot July Real Estate Newsletter Update!

Hot July 2017 Hot Real Estate Market Newsletter Update From Matt Bagley Team

Wow! Real Estate sales are sizzling! Iron County closed sales are up 13.4% and the Median Sales Price is up 19.7%. See attached Utah Association of REALTORS Local Market Updates by County for more details and for statistics from every county. Our Real Estate Market is Awesome!

What about the summer forecast? To quote Economist Ralph DeFranco from DS News June 2017, “Hot markets will remain hot, with continued bidding wars for desirable properties. Home sales overall are strong, up slightly from last year even though there are fewer homes to choose from.” He continues, “Even a modest increase in mortgage rates will not derail this strong a market.” “According to the Spring 2017 Housing and Mortgage Market Review home prices aren’t dropping anytime soon.” It is our opinion that this national forecast matches our local market.

To quote from July 2017 DS News issue, Dr. Frank Nothaft, Chief Economist CoreLogic, “We expect a modest (less than 2 percent) increase in home sales in 2017 with single-family starts up almost 10 percent. The DS Journal also stated, “Younger Generation Shifts to Buying Instead of Renting;”

Not all experts agree; however, whatever the national predictions are, our local real estate is moving and the market is fabulous! I went to a closing today where the couple is absolutely thrilled to be moving here from Alaska! It is so delightful to help our clients find their happy home! That feels good! When I got back to the office, I learned there were 2 offers on one of our listed homes and maybe a third one on its way. Homes and land are moving when priced correctly and advertised aggressively! It is fun to be part of the excitement!

What else is needed for sellers to get top dollar quickly besides our aggressive advertising online and in print and their property priced competitively for the market? The home must be prepared for success! Remember what the famous home stager, Barb Schwarz, advises in “How to Stage Your Home To Sell For Top Dollar!” “The way you live in a home and the way you sell a home are not the same.” I have attended her training at ERA Real Estate National conventions twice–once many years ago and once a few years ago. She is great and so talented. Part of our service when we list your home is to help you prepare it to win! Call today for details. Many many pictures of your home go all over the country and all over the world online, in print, and to other real estate agents. We don’t know who your buyer will call, but our advertising will be the reason they call! We all want your home to be gorgeous to attract your buyer!

More news! The July/August 2017 REALTOR Magazine reports from National Association of REALTORS (NAR) research, “The economy is hanging in there and job growth remains solid, so markets are seeing an uptick in first-time buyers…” “Inventories remain low, though, so buyers are competing for a relatively small number of properties…” “The share of home buyers coming from the ranks of renters has steadily increased over the last three years, while the percentage of move-up buyers continue to slip.”

“Get a CLUE” in the REALTOR Magazine for 1st and 2nd quarters discusses the Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange database (CLUE). “The CLUE report provides information on property insurance claims for the past seven years.” “It’s important to make sure the information in your CLUE report is accurate because an error could increase your insurance premiums or prevent you from getting coverage.” This is a good suggestion for sellers to get the report and check it out. Call your insurance agent. Buyers should also get this report to help them with their due diligence. Of course, buyers should also always have inspections also.

REMEMBER! To sell quickly at top dollar, you need our Team’s aggressive marketing that works both online and in print! You also need the right price and your home staged and prepared for success!

We want to help you turn all your realty goals into reality! Call our Matt Bagley Team at 435-865-1019 at ERA Realty Center for your free consultation on market pricing, preparing your home for sale, for our aggressive market plan that works, for answers to your problems and concerns and for help reaching all of your real estate goals! We even have a DVD that we can loan you to help you stage your home for top dollar quickly! You can text or call Matt Bagley at 435-590-8788, Janet Naisbitt-Bagley at 435-559-7772 and Jennifer Corral at 435-559-0366

UAR May 2017 Stats

June is Sizzling but not just the Temperature! June Newsletter Update!

June is Sizzling but not just the Temperature! The Real Estate Market!  June 2017 Matt Bagley Team Newsletter Update!


Up Up Up!  How far?  11.7% year to date (YTD) for 2017 Iron County closed sales as compared to 2016 according to Utah Assocation of REALTORS latest published statistics!  .The median sales price is up 22.3% YTD to $183,500.  See attached UAR Report for more details and for all counties in Utah.


For the most part, an upward trend is seen nationwide and not just in our local area!  “Consumers Harbor Optimism for Housing” is the title of a recent article in MReport May 2017 magazine. To quote, “Consumer confidence is up across the country especially in rural and middle America.  According to a new consumer survey from the National Association of Realtors (NAR), many people believe now is a good time to buy and sell.”  That is awesome news!  I love steady real estate markets!  However, allow me to quote Tim Rood, Chairman of the Collingwood Group, to give you the down side of this positive news, “You can’t buy what’s not for sale.  Inventory is the lowest that I have ever seen, which is reflected in the disappointing existing home sales number.”  So true!  Our local closed sales would be up much higher, in my opinion, if the inventory level matched the rise in buyers. New construction and remodeling are also on the rise according to MReport News.  All things considered, we plan the 2nd half of 2017 to be the best real estate market yet! 


Economist Joseph Kirchner, Ph.D., REALTOR.com, reports in DSNews May 2017 issue that interest rates and home prices will rise.  There are many factors that he discusses in his article that are causing a “dip in affordability” including the low supply of existing homes and a rise in buyers!  Even so, I believe our local market will stay steady and affordable for some time.  Prices are rising but slowly.


What should you do if your real estate hasn’t attracted your buyer yet?  Our Matt Bagley Team marketing is tops and it works!  We will continue advertising until your home or property is marked “Sold.”  Be assured that we know of no one that markets more aggressively to get your sale closed nationwide and worldwide in print and online!  We work hard to attract Buyers and REALTORS.  Advertising is not the only piece of this puzzle!  Market price and staging are still top priorities to get that quick sale at top dollar which is what you want and what we want for you!  Please contact our Team today for market value information and for tips on staging and showing your home.  Photos of your home or property go all over the world, so we want them to be superior to catch your buyer! 


For your free real estate consultation, please contact the Matt Bagley Team today at 435-865-1019 at ERA Realty Center regarding all of your real estate goals, concerns and dreams.  You can also email bagleyteam@gmail.com or text Matt Bagley at 435-590-8788, Jennifer Corral at 435-559-0366 and Janet Naisbitt-Bagley at 435-559-7772.  Our top service, experience, training, and expertise will benefit you in making your realty dreams turn into reality ASAP!

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The Matt Bagley Team May Newsletter Update!

The Matt Bagley Team 2017 Lively Month of May Real Estate Newsletter Update!


Utah Real Estate is in the news, and the news is awesome!  “What is all the buzz about Utah?” To quote DeAnna Dipo, Utah Association of REALTORs President, from the REALTOR Magazine First Quarter 2017, “Business in Utah is booming, and media outlets nationwide are recognizing our state as one of the best in the country.”  She quotes from Forbes Magazine that has named Utah as “The Best State for Business and Careers,” and CNBC for awarding Utah as the “Top State for Business.”  She mentions later in the article, “We are the second-fastest growing state in the country for business.”  She says “Our unemployment rate still remains low, at 3.1 percent, and our in-migration has seen a steady increase, according to the Kem Gardner Policy Institute of the University of Utah.”  We are blessed as a Real Estate Team to have the wonderful opportunity of helping people buy and sell homes and rental or investment properties in this great corner of the world in this exciting Southern Utah real estate market.  We get to help your realty dreams become reality!


All news can’t be good, so what is the bad news according to DeAnna’s article? It is that “Interest rates may increase to 4.5 percent.  But is that really so bad?  Some may remember interest rates as high as 18 percent.  That makes 4.5 percent not seem so bad; however, every slight increase can potentially eliminate a buyer from the market.”  I remember interest rates being 18% when I started my real estate career in January 1983.  The whole office had a party when they went down to 13%!  Just imagine!  DeAnna goes on to mention the shortage of homes for sale and rentals and the need for affordable housing.  We are experiencing that shortage of inventory very strongly in our Southern Utah area Real Estate market which is causing multiple offers and buyers who sometimes pay a little more than list price.


Iron County closed sales are up 22.9% year to date (YTD) according to the latest update available from the Utah Association of REALTORS (UAR) as compared to 2016.  The Median Sales price is up 21.3% YTD to $182,000 as compared to 2016.  Please see attached UAR Local Market Updates by County for more details and for all counties in Utah.


Iron County Multiple Listing Service (MLS) graphs are attached for 01/01/2017-4/27/2017 showing homes selling in all ranges in our area.  179 homes sold between $100,000 and $199,999, and 61 sold between $200,000 and $249,999.  Only 35 homes sold below $100,000, and 105 homes sold above $250,000.  Our market is definitely improving steadily and prices are on the rise.  It is still recommended to list at market value to get top dollar quickly.  Buyers search carefully online and tour the good buys.  Then they buy the best ones, so having a show-perfect home is an excellent way to attract an offer.  If a home is overpriced, there is a chance it will not get shown in spite of aggressive advertising.


According to the Iron County MLS statistics graphs, ERA Realty Center sells more of their own listings as well as more of other office’s listings than any other office in our area.  We are happy to continue as the top producer which has been the case for many years!  We are grateful to our clients and customers for this blessing and vote of confidence!  Our excellent aggressive marketing is successful both online and in print!


Homes continue as the big seller in our area.  We would be selling many more multiple units and rental properties to investors if our inventory wasn’t so low.  We do have lot sales and new construction.  Development land and commercial properties are selling but slowly and not many.


How do sellers make the most money when they sell?  1.  Price at market value!  2.  Make your home sparkle!  3.  Update, repair and fix up in advance!  Call  your Matt Bagley Team today for top service, expertise, experience and knowledge in pricing, staging and for names of inspectors and contractors.


Contact Matt Bagley 435-590-8788, Janet Naisbitt-Bagley 435-559-7772, and Jennifer Corral 435-559-0366, your Matt Bagley Team, at 435-865-1019 for your free real estate consultation at ERA Realty Center today or email bagleyteam@gmail.com.  We would love to help you reach all your real estate goals and to answer all your questions and concerns.  This newsletter is written by Janet Naisbitt-Bagley.

UAR March 2017

Spring Forward to Our Sunny April 2017 Matt Bagley Team Real Estate Newsletter and Enjoy It Now!

*Is our real estate market healthy? Southern Utah Real Estate market is strong and getting stronger! Iron County closed sales are up 25.2% year-to-date (YTD) February 2017 as compared to that same month 2016 according to the latest Market Updates available from the Utah Association of REALTORS (UAR). Iron County median price is up 28.9% YTD to $188,000. Wow! Typically, our market picks up in spring and summer, so 2017 is going to be one of our best years yet! We need more inventory; but with our still affordable prices and low interest rates, this is an awesome month to buy or sell! Please see more details and all counties in attached UAR Local Market Updates.

*What do current buyers want in their home? According to The Residential Specialist March/April 2017 magazine, 44 percent want homes with more than two bathrooms; 45 percent want a completely open kitchen-dining area; 32 percent want a home with a completely open kitchen-family room. This article titled “Getting Cozy” reports that 30 percent want a home under 1600 square feet and 15 percent want a home greater than 3000 square feet. Even if your home doesn’t quite match the above criteria, now is a good time to sell since home inventory is low and multi-offers are coming.

*What about lenders? In “Cutting Close” in the same magazine we learn, “Some lenders are now shooting for a 21-day turnaround to close home loans. That would be a major reduction from the current time-to-close, which hovers around six weeks.” That would be awesome if they do that. We shall see! Interest rates are still low, but they are rising. Lenders in our market are working hard and giving our buyers top service.

*What about service and advertising? Advanced technology is very important in today’s real estate world. The Matt Bagley Team and ERA Realty Center are keeping ahead of the game. I know of no one that advertises more aggressively online and in print. Your Team has top experience and expertise. Your highly trained Team gives top service and uses the latest tools of the trade! Please call for our market plan. It works! Our homes and properties sell!

*What about preparing the home to show? The article “Turned Off” in March/April Residential Specialist Magazine states that buyers hate foul odors, filth, clutter, personal taste, and shabbiness both inside and out. It is important that homes have fresh neutral paint inside and out and that they are deep cleaned and in top repair. Trading laminate counter tops for granite and adding new light fixtures really adds to the home’s appeal. New flooring is important. Trimming and cleaning up the yard and adding flowers can really beautify the home. Remember first impressions are of utmost importance. Call our Team for suggestions on staging and how to make the home attractive to buyers. We even have DVDs you can borrow! We want buyers to choose your property! If you have a lot or land, it is important to have it looking nice, cleared of weeds, etc.

*What about investors? They are looking for 2 to 4 unit properties, but those are difficult to find. They do purchase single family and twin homes sometimes when multi-units that they like are not available. There is some need for commercial and land, but not so much. New construction is an option.

*What about underwater properties? Foreclosures and short sales are very few and becoming rare. They are almost an item of the past–not quite.

“Is your sales price competitive with current market? If your home has been on the market for 30 days or more, it is time to call your Team and request a market overview. We can show you what homes buyers have chosen instead of yours and help you decide what to do to be more competitive to attract the next buyer. With so much information available on-line, it is rare that a buyer will pay more than the current value of the home. You wouldn’t pay more for a car in one lot than you could get it for on another lot either. They can look on line and compare all the home prices and see pictures too. Pricing your land or lot correctly is just as important as homes. We can give you information on what other similar properties have sold for and also show you other properties for sale competing with yours.

*What can your Team do to help you? Call your Matt Bagley Team at 435-865-1019 or email bagleyteam@gmail.com for your free real estate consultation. We are happy to answer all of your questions, concerns and give you updates. You can also call or text your Team at ERA Realty Center: Matt Bagley 435-590-8788, Janet Naisbitt-Bagley 435-559-7772, and Jennifer Corral 435-559-0366. We would love to hear from you. We are known as the top real estate team who cares and we would love to help you turn your realty dreams into reality! Please contact us today.UAR February 2017

Hurray! Spring is officially here and so is your Matt Bagley Team Newsletter!

Hurray!  Spring is officially here and so is your Matt Bagley Team Real Estate Newsletter!


“Rising Rates, Rising Sales” according to National Association of REALTORS (NAR) Chief Economist, Lawrence Yun.”  He goes on to explain, “…If rising interest rates are accompanied by a strengthening labor market with higher wages, the economy will be fine.  At least 2 million net new jobs are forecast for this year, and that is the reason we anticipate home sales will squeak out a modest gain over 2016.  If mortgage underwriting standards normalize even modestly from the excessively stringent conditions of the past few years, such as through reduced FHA insurance premiums or lower guarantee fees on loans backed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, then sales could be even better.”  Yun is quoted from the March/April 2017 REALTOR Magazine.


DS News reported in January 2017: “Low Inventory Becoming Problematic.”  This is still true in March 2017.  We need more homes and other properties on the market!


We have buyers who need something to buy!  Is there any other real estate that you would like us to provide a buyer for?  Homes and other properties are selling quickly when priced right and are attractive!


Another article, “Housing Market Health Exemplified by Low Foreclosure and Delinquency,” discusses the exciting news, “Foreclosure starts from October 2016 have fallen to their lowest level since January 2005, according to the month-end mortgage performance report curated by Black Knight Financial Services, Inc.”

We are also seeing fewer short sales as our economy continues its steady recovery.


The Southern Utah real estate market is steady and climbing at a reasonable rate.  However, Iron County closed sales jumped an amazing 83.8% higher in January of 2017 than in that same month 2016.  The Median Sales Price in Iron County has risen $16.5% to $193,000 during that same period of time.  Please see the latest report available from the Utah Association of REALTORS attached for more details and for every county in Utah.


You ask, “How’s the real estate market?”  It is awesome for both buyers and sellers!


Please contact your Matt Bagley Team at 435-865-1019 at ERA Realty Center or email bagleyteam@gmail.com for your free consultation to find out how we can better help you reach all of your real estate goals!  We would love to discuss your buying and selling questions, your concerns, as well as your wants and needs!  We would love our top service, experience, training and expertise to help turn your realty dreams into reality!


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Time to Enjoy Your February 2017 Naisbitt- Bagley Team Newsletter

Time to enjoy Your February 2017 Naisbitt-Bagley Team Real Estate Newsletter Update!


Our hearts are warm this month of valentines in spite of the snow and ice.  Our beautiful Cedar City area is friendly, cozy, and wonderful no matter what the temperature.  This is the weather for serious real estate shopping, so don’t think your buyers are staying home!  Buyers need a place to live every season of the year.

Everywhere we go; people ask real estate questions.  Following are the answers to a few of them:


*What is our local real estate market doing?  It is steady, doing well, and slowly moving upward!  According to the Utah Association of REALTORS (UAR) Market Updates by County, Iron County closed sales were up the end of 2016 by 0.2% year to date (YTD) as compared to 2015.  If you just look at the month of December, then 2016 was less than in 2015 however.  The median sales price was up YTD by 10.7% to $166,000.  These December statistics are the latest available since it takes the UAR approximately 2 months to gather data for the report.  For more details and for information on every county in Utah, see attached report.


*How is our local economy?  I will quote from an article in the February 22, 2017 issue of Iron County Today in order to answer, “Many leaders shared enthusiasm about the economic growth in Cedar City among new and existing business.  Those thoughts were shared at a Chamber of Commerce Economic Development Breakfast last week.”  Matt from your Naisbitt-Bagley Team attended the meeting and was very pleased with what is happening in Cedar City.  Several companies are succeeding and expanding and quite a number of employees are being hired.  New company openings and growth in tourism were discussed. Of course, it is very exciting that there will be an open house for the public in the LDS Temple in October and it will be dedicated Dec. 10.  Our Mayor Maile Wilson said, “There are a lot of really new and diverse jobs,” and “If you grew up here you can stay here . . . ”  That is great news to me because when I moved here in 1983 and became a REALTOR in 1984, many of the clients I worked with were very sad that their children had to move elsewhere to find employment.  That was the case for years.  Chris McCormick, president of the Chamber of Commerce, said that success is happening in Cedar City!  I truly believe this is true.


Looking back to the Spectrum & Daily News January 22, 2017, there is a statement by Danny Stewart that I believe is worth mentioning.  He is the Cedar City Director of Economic Development and he said, “Cedar City is getting a lot more interest and I think a lot of it is due to the quality of the workforce in Iron County.”  Stewart said that the list of companies looking to relocate or expand has kept him busy recently.  This is all good news for Cedar City!  We have absolutely wonderful and friendly people and an awesome place to live.  What a great place to attract new business!


*What can be expected on the National level? The 2017 Jan + Feb Residential Specialist Magazine article titled, “Look Ahead,” states the following, “Existing home sales will continue to climb, . . . ” “Mortgage rates will increase … at least a little.” “Home values will grow.” “Some markets may see price corrections.” “The homeownership rate will stabilize at 63.5 percent.” “However, inventory woes aren’t likely to change.”

Even though it is true that our local inventory is also low, all things considered, it sounds like we are looking forward to an awesome real estate market for both buyers and sellers in 2017!


It will be interesting to see if the following statement reported in the January 2017 MReport comes to pass and I quote from the article by Brian Montgomery, “With a trailblazing real estate mogul entering the Oval Office on January 20, 2017, a sharper focus on the U. S. housing delivery system is possible, if not likely.”  We shall see what happens.  What do you think?


*How do we mark our real estate sold?  Technology is advancing, and your Naisbitt-Bagley Team and ERA Realty Center are staying ahead of the game.  Aggressive global marketing both online and in print are of utmost importance, and I don’t know of anyone that markets more than we do!  Our marketing is tops!  Experience and knowledge are a must in our real estate world, and your Naisbitt-Bagley team has over 50 years combined experience.  Our combined knowledge is in the top 3% in the nation including valuable national designations such as ABR, CRS, GRI and more.  Our expertise and top service benefit both sellers and buyers on all levels of the transaction from advertising all over the world to negotiating, following up, and closing your sale.


It is extremely important to price real estate with the market.  A huge percentage of buyers shop square footage and price online to decide which homes they want to see before they call us with a list of what they want to tour.  It is most unlikely that they will even look at a home that is overpriced.  Your Naisbitt-Bagley Team is happy to provide you with comparable sold properties and active listing competition in case a market reduction in price is needed.  Please call today if you would appreciate that service.


Keeping the home and yard in picture-perfect condition is a must since your videos and slide shows show up in our ads all over the country and world.  Having the home in good repair will attract a better offer and help keep the sale together when the buyer’s inspector finds nothing that needs to be done!  Please call us for suggestions in showcasing your real estate.


*What is selling in our area?  Single family homes in all price ranges are attracting buyers with more buyers under $200,000.  Lots are selling and there is new construction in the area.  Commercial and development land are slow moving but expected to pick up speed.  We definitely need more multi-units especially duplexes and 4-plexes for our investors.


*Now back to the original question–how’s the real estate market?  I would definitely say it is alive, well and moving forward with your Naisbitt-Bagley Team at ERA Realty Center.  For all of your real estate needs, questions and concerns, please contact your Naisbitt-Bagley Team at 435-865-1019 or email bagleyteam@gmail.com today.  Please text and call Matt Bagley, 435-590-8788, Jennifer Corral, 435-559-0366 and Janet Naisbitt-Bagley, 435-559-7772, and we will help you turn your realty dreams into reality!


Our First 2017 Naisbitt-Bagley Team Newsletter!

Can it really be this icy cold for our first 2017 Naisbitt-Bagley Team Real Estate Seller Newsletter?  YES!

It certainly is a beautiful winter wonderland here in Cedar City and surrounding areas!  Scrunching snow and crackling ice are two of my favorite things!  If you see me out experiencing the sounds my stepping feet are making, go ahead and laugh.  However, the freezing temperatures may be a little more difficult for me to enjoy!

Real estate is always one of my favorite subjects at any time of year.  I remember in grade school, my art teacher asked my mom why I always had a home and landscaping in each of my pictures!  I grew up with a real estate broker dad who developed subdivisions, drew plans, and  built houses for my friends and neighbors!   He multi-tasked and even sold them their insurance!  Helping clients successfully buy and sell real estate is just “doing what comes naturally” to me!  No wonder I enjoy seeing home-drawn pictures!

It seems whatever setting I find myself, people realize that I know and love real estate.  I am more often than not asked, how is the market?  I never grow tired of answering that it is awesome here in our beautiful Southern Utah!

According to the attached latest Utah Association of REALTORS (UAR) statistics released, now is a steady market with increased closings and prices slowly rising.  Our inventory needs an infusion, so give us a call if now is a good time for you to sell your property; and also, please contact us if you too want to add to your own inventory of real estate investments.

The Iron County Board of REALTORS graphs for 2016 are also attached for your review including all offices.  Once again, ERA Realty Center sold more houses than any other office.  We sold more of our own listings as well as more of other office’s listings.  We want to give a special thank you to all of our clients and customers for giving us the opportunity of helping them make their realty dreams turn into reality in 2016.  Homes remained the big sellers with 1181 sold along with 257 condo/townhouses sold.  Nearly 500 lots, acreage and other land parcels sold.  Nearly 1000 homes sold under $200,000 and 249 sold between $200,000 and $249,999.  362 homes sold above $250,000 including 72 that sold above $400,000.  2017 is on its way to being another great year!

I recently spoke to a delightful woman in the beauty shop who believed it wasn’t even worth trying to sell a home in the $400,000 range here.  The above statistics definitely put that myth to rest.  It is important to price homes with the market no matter what range your home is in, but expect it to sell if it shows well and if the price is right because homes are selling in all ranges.  Please discuss with our team prices of sold homes and homes for sale to determine market price.

One home owner asked if it matters how the home looks.  It surely does!  Buyers search square footage and price and then they tour the homes they choose to determine the best condition.  They love lots of pictures!  Our team is trained to help your home reach the level of showcasing worthy of the many pictures, videos and slide shows we send around the nation and the world to attract your buyer.

What about marketing?  I know of no other agent who markets more aggressively than our Naisbitt-Bagley Team worldwide online and print.  Our commitment to you is to work hard to get your home or property sold quickly at top dollar.  Isn’t that what you want?

What about 2017?  According to some of the business leaders quoted in DSNEWS December 2016, “The tremendous boom the rental market has showcased is anticipated to continue into 2017,” says Bill Green.  Charles Tassell says, “Assumng decent GDP growth, the Fed will increase rates, which will have mixed effects for investors.”  According to Bryan Lysikowski, “As the economy continues to recover and regulations loosen up, so will the ability to obtain a home loan.”  Brian Mingham says, “In 2017 we should see continued price appreciation.  We will continue to see historic low inventory levels of SFR properties.”  Please call our Team if you would like to hear all of the predictions for real estate in 2017.

It will be interesting to see what happens in the world of real estate with Donald Trump as president with his heavy involvement in real estate.

Please contact our Naisbitt-Bagley Team today for your free real estate consultation and for any questions and concerns at 435-865-1019 at ERA Realty Center or email bagleyteam@gmail.com.  We are known as the experienced team who cares about you and who gives top trained service to help you make all of your real estate dreams come true.  You can text or call Matt Bagley at 435-590-8788, Janet Naisbitt-Bagley at 435-559-7772, and Jennifer Corral at 435-559-0366.  The above real estate update was happily provided for you today by Janet.


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