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The Nasbitt-Bagley Team Gratitude Attitude Fall Real Estate Newsletter

The Naisbitt-Bagley Team Gratitude Attitude Fall 2016 Real Estate Newsletter from ERA Realty Center

We have thoroughly enjoyed a beautiful fall, but those freezing temperatures are upon us. We hope owners have winterized vacant properties, sprinkler systems, evaporated coolers and etc. because the weather outside is ice cold!  Brrrr!

We always hear the question, how’s the market?  2016 has been a very successful year for real estate for buyers and sellers, and we expect it to continue through the holidays and into 2017.  The market is steady and slowly moving upward.  The inventory is low and interest rates are down, so home mortgages are often lower than rent. 


Showing homes is a delight over the holidays because they are often warm, cozy and decorated with festive trees and ornaments.  The aroma of baked goodies fills the air!  


Some sellers erroneously believe there is no chance to sell homes in the winter, but we have found that serious buyers look for homes even when it is icy and snowy outside!  In fact, Looky Lous rarely venture out in the winter!  Many sellers wait until spring to list their homes.  It is true that there are usually more buyers in spring and summer, but there are more houses on the market for sale too!  We recommend selling when you want to sell whatever the season!  There are compensating factors in both. 


We have both Utah Association of REALTORS (UAR) county statistics and Iron County Board of REALTORS Multiple Listing Service (MLS) graphs included in this important update:

According to most current UAR report attached, Iron County Median sales price is up 11.7% to $164,500 as compared to $147,500 in 2015.  Beaver County is $128,400 which is up 14.1%.  Washington County is up 6.3% to $239,000.  See attached for more details and for all Utah counties  


According to attached MLS graphs for all offices in the Board of REALTORS, ERA Realty Center sold more homes than any other office in 2016 as they have for many years.  We very much appreciate our clients and customers and send heartfelt thanks to all for their business!  We are grateful for loyal clients. 


According to the July 1 to October 31, 2016 MLS statistics, 319 homes sold under $199,999 and 223 homes sold above $200,000 up to infinity.  Homes are selling in all ranges when priced at market.  


For a free market value overview, please call our Naisbitt-Bagley Team today.  We advertise aggressively in print and all over the globe for buyers and for realtors!  Therefore, it is imperative that the price is right on homes and properties to entice buyers who see our ads to set up a tour and see your home or property! 


Current Market Analysis shows that more single family homes have sold than any other type of property during those months. 436 homes sold and there are 530 active home listings.  There are 1413 parcels of land and lots currently on the market, but only 180 sold in this period of time.  91 condos and townhomes sold and there are currently 98 on the market for sale.  Commercial properties are not selling quickly, but we do see some sales.

It is incredibly important to make sure homes and properties are ready to sell in order to attract your offer. An article in the November/December issue of the Residential Specialist magazine, instructs sellers to fix the following: 


“Things that are simple and easy to fix, but not too expensive, such as doors not hanging properly, condensation leaks in the furnace, broken cabinets, plumbing leaks, (like a pail under a sink), landscaping, painting, replacing internal and external light fixtures, simple hardware updates Electrical issues Items that are a clear safety risk or environmental issue, such as broken steps, loose or missing handrails or guard rails, buried or abandoned oil tanks”


The article continues and suggests that sellers “Take steps to appeal to buyers to get the best price for the home, without overspending on items that might not jibe with a buyer’s personal taste.”


We recommend that roofs and flooring are in good repair and that your home is decluttered and shows well enough to be in pictures because it will be–all over the world! Call our Team to answer questions regarding staging your home. 


For your free real estate consultation, please call our Naisbitt-Bagley Team today at ERA Realty Center at 435-865-1019 or email bagleyteam@gmail.com regarding staging, market pricing, questions, concerns, problems, and regarding our aggressive global market plan. We would love our expertise and top service to benefit you in helping you make your realty dreams become reality.  You can text or call Matt Bagley at 435-590-8788, Janet Naisbitt-Bagley at 435-559-7772, and Jennifer Corral at 435-559-0366.


Autumn/Halloween Naisbitt- Bagley Team Newsletter

Autumn/Halloween Naisbitt-Bagley Team Newsletter 2016 is Here for You from ERA Realty Center!


The leaves have been beautiful this year!  Fall is one of my favorite seasons!  We hope you are enjoying it and that all is well!


Everywhere we go, people want to know, how’s the real estate market?  We love to report that it is great!  It is on the rise, and we believe it is going to get even better!


Our real estate market is steady and successful!  The Utah Association of REALTORS (UAR) Local Market Update Report for August 2016 is attached.  It is the latest available since it takes the UAR approximately 2 months to compile all county statistics.   Utah’s closed sales and Median Sales prices are both up so far this year. Beaver county’s closed sales are up 4.2% year to date (YTD) and the Median Sales price is up 18.9% to $129,600.  Iron County Closed sales are up 12.5% for August 2016 as compared to August 2015; however, YTD closed sales are down 4.9%.  Iron County’s Median Sales Price is $161,000 which is up 11% YTD.  Washington County closed sales are up 7.8% YTD and the Median Sales Price is up 6.1% to $238,500.  Please see report for all counties and for details.


We would be reporting more closed sales in Southern Utah if we had more market-priced inventory.  We are seeing multiple offers because we have more buyers looking for homes than we have homes for sale.  Only one offer gets accepted by the seller, so the remaining buyers have to start their search again and may end up in still another multiple offer situation.


From MReport October 2016 issue, Lawrence Yun, NAR, is quoted, “With homebuilding activity still failing to keep up with demand and not enough current homeowners putting their home up for sale, prices continued their strong ascent.” Home ownership is down.  According to another article in this same magazine, more homes are being built to rent than average for past years.  Another article talks about buyers needing to know what it takes to buy.  Buying does require a good credit score and a good job.  While the economy is improving overall, some still have not recovered their losses from the past.  There is also an article talking about the high rents in the market “Creating First-Time Home buyers,’  It seems like a see-saw.  I believe owning your own home will emerge victorious! With low mortgage rates, buyers can still buy often for less than rent in spite of the rising of the Median Price.  This is a market where buyers and sellers are both coming out ahead in my opinion.


How do you sell a home in this real estate market?  Our Team does high quality and aggressive advertising for our sellers both online and in print ads.  People come to beautiful Southern Utah for diverse reasons such as the arts, drama, National Parks, sunsets, views, friendly people, hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, summer games and more.  Many decide it might be fun to buy a home where most people come to play!  While more than 90% of buyers go online to find their homes, some buyers pick up the ad magazines and call later regarding what they see!  We advertise wherever we believe a buyer or REALTOR might be!  Our advertising is worldwide and very effective!


What do the sellers do to sell while we aggressively advertise all over the world?  Real estate must be priced at market in order to attract showings.  Then it must be beautiful and show well in order to attract an offer!  Please call our Team today for market pricing information and for staging hints.


According to Sept/Oct 2016 issue of The Residential Specialist magazine, Autumn is a great time to take inventory of your home!  The article suggests checking the interior, heating and cooling, electrical, doors and windows, plumbing, roof, foundation and exterior!  It is important to make sure that homes on the market have been properly maintained to avoid “surprise issues as colder weather arrives.”  I would like to add to that list to WINTERIZE and leave heat on if your home is vacant!  Also, this is a reminder to all owners to WINTERIZE evaporative coolers, sprinkler systems and more.  Our freezing temperatures are upon us!  Let’s be prepared.


For your free real estate consultation, please call our Naisbitt-Bagley Team at 435-865-1019 at ERA Realty Center or email bagleyteam@gmail.com.  You can text or call Mathew Bagley at 435-590-8788, Janet Naisbitt-Bagley at 435-559-7772 and Jennifer Corral at 435-559-0366. Please let us answer all of your questions and concerns.  We want our top experience, training and service to benefit you and help you to turn all of your realty dreams into reality.

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It’s time for our Fall Naisbitt-Bagley Team Newsletter Update!

Fall is in the air and it is time for our Naisbitt-Bagley Team Newsletter Update!


We love temperatures in the 70’s and autumn leaves!  It doesn’t get any better than living, working and contributing in Southern Utah where most people love to come to play!


Our Southern Utah Newspaper, The Spectrum & Daily News, 9/19/16 headline reads, “August jobs report shows Utah growth” by David DeMille.  To quote, “There’s a term in economics called ‘full employment,’ and at least theoretically, Utah is there, state economists said last week.”  According the chief economist with the state Department of Workforce Services, “Utah continues to show some of the strongest numbers in the U.S.”  This is good news indeed!


Our Real Estate Market is still going strong even though Iron County closed sales were down according to the July 2016 Utah Association of REALTORS (UAR) statistics which are the most recent available.  Washington County and Beaver county closed sales were up.  The Medium Sales Price was up for all 3 of these counties.  See attached Local Market Updates By County for details and for information on every county in Utah.  It is our belief that the low inventory is the reason that Iron County closed sales dipped.


We want to make sure our real estate is in top show condition as we move into fall as always.  According to an article in the September/October 2016 REALTOR Magazine by Frank Lesh, there are 3 pointers for protecting  home exteriors that I thought were worth sharing:


  1. “Keep foliage away.  Make sure no plants are growing on the siding. ‘Plants can trap moisture and allow insects and animals to infiltrate,'” Lesh says, “You want the siding to be exposed to the elements.”
  2. “Watch where water may be getting in.  Check in areas around windows and doors to see if water is getting in.  Moisture can linger and eventually cause rotting or fungal growth.  Make sure those area have been properly caulked or tuckpointed to prevent seepage.”
  3. “Keep the gutters cleaned.  Many home owners think they only need to check for clogged gutters in autumn when leaves are falling.  A neighbor’s stray tennis ball, a bird’s nest, or even squirrels stocking up for winter can quickly become a serious problem.  If water gets backed up in your gutter, it could damage your siding too.”  Lesh notes, “Have gutters checked at least twice a year.  Or better yet, clean them four times a year to prevent back-ups.”


The real estate market seems to be steady here, and we believe it will continue as we move through fall and into winter.


We continue to aggressively market your homes and properties both online and in print ads with pictures, videos and slide shows.  That is of utmost importance to you in this market!


Keeping your real estate competitively priced with the market is extremely important as is having it in show-perfect condition.  Buyers shop online for the best buys and those are the homes they tour.  Then they pick the property or home that shows the best.  They want value for their dollars in this market!


Please contact our Naisbitt-Bagley Team today for your free consultation regarding pricing, staging, showing, marketing, concerns, questions, and all your real estate needs at 435-865-1019 or email Bagleyteam@gmail.com.  You can call or text Matt Bagley at 435-590-8788, Janet Naisbitt-Bagley at 435-559-7772 and Jennifer Corral at 435-559-0366.  We want to start helping you turn your realty dreams into reality today!


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Fun In The Sun is Almost Done! Time To Read Our Last Summer Newsletter!

Fun In The Sun is Almost Done!  Time To Read Our Last Summer Naisbitt-Bagley Team Newsletter


The market is hot and so is the temperature as August nears closure!  Children have returned to school, but summer activities are still popping up all over in Southern Utah!   Neither school nor fun times in the sun have slowed down our steady real estate market according to the latest Southern Utah reports!


*Southern Utah is doing well according to attached Utah Association of REALTORS (UAR) Local Market Updates by County for June 2016.  This is the latest report available since it takes the UAR 2 months to compile the statistics for every county in Utah.  Iron County closed sales are up 4.5%; Beaver County’s are up 33.3%; Washington County’s are up 8.1% as compared to the same month in 2015.  That is good news for Southern Utah!  The Median Sales Price is up 11.4% year to date (YTD) for Iron County to $159,900 as compared to $143,500 in 2015.  Beaver County’s is up YTD 4.2% to $127,150 as compared to $122,000 in 2015.  Washington County’s is up YTD 5.4% to $237,000 as compared to $224,900 in 2015.  Closed sales and Median Sales Prices are up on average for the entire state.  See attached for more details and for all counties.


*Over 300 homes sold from $100,000 to $200,000 in 2nd quarter according to Iron County Board of REALTORS Multiple Listing Service (MLS) attached graphs showing statistics for all real estate offices in our area.  179 homes sold above $200,000 showing that homes are selling in all price ranges.  We believe now is an awesome time to both sell and buy in our area.  The current statistics prove that ERA Realty Center is still the #1 top selling office as it has been for many years.  The Market Analysis for 2nd quarter reports homes are still the top sellers in our market with 414 sold and 173 under contract.  There are 641 homes for sale.  There are 1134 listings for lots with only 49 under contract and only 132 sold last quarter  Development land and farms/ranches are slow sellers too.  There are 138 condo/townhouse properties on the market with 38 under contract and 59 sold. Real estate is moving but residential sales far exceed lot sales, yet there are nearly twice as many lots for sale as there are homes.


*On the national level, surveys are asking what people expect to happen to prices after the election. DS News August 2016 Magazine reports that people expect prices to rise after the election no matter who sits in the Presidential seat.  We have no way to know whether that is true or not, but we do believe now is a good time to buy and sell no matter what the election brings.


*What is holding some buyers back from purchasing now?  According to Today’s Buyer’s Rep ABR publication, the biggest issues are lack of inventory and the unrealistic expectations of buyers in today’s market. They think they can buy more than is possible for their money in today’s real estate world.  Affordability and financing were lower on the totem pole for buying difficulties.  Good loans with low rates and no/low down payments are still available making monthly payments sometimes less than rent.


*Another issue stopping buyers from moving into their own homes currently is student debt.  According to MReport August 2016 Magazine, “A recent survey shows debt is keeping millennials at home with parents longer and pushing home purchases back 5  years or more.”  I am currently working with a client who is unable to purchase a home even thought her credit is great and the student loan lender has reduced the monthly payment to a qualifying level.  The problem is the lender will only agree to the reduction for one year.  They may extend it after the year, but that is not good enough for the mortgage.


*What sells real estate today?  1. Top Marketing, 2. Market Pricing and 3. Show-perfect condition!


Please call today for your free consultation regarding marketing, pricing, staging, and to discuss concerns and questions with our Naisbitt-Bagley Team at 435-865-1019 at ERA Realty Center or email bagleyteam@gmail.com.  You can also call or text our mobile phones:  Matt Bagley, 435-590-8788; Janet Naisbitt-Bagley, 435-559-7772; and Jennifer Corral 435-559-0366.  Our Team cares about you!



We’re Having a Heat Wave! Summer 2016 Newsletter!

We’re Having a Heat Wave!  Bask in the Warmth and Enjoy Our ERA Realty Center Naisbitt-Bagley Summer 2016 Newsletter!

We’re feeling very patriotic this month as we continue to celebrate our freedom and independence in this great America the beautiful! With Pioneer Day and the 4th of July this month, how can we help but be filled with gratitude for those who have gone before us?  It is difficult to believe the middle of summer is upon us, but our beautiful Southern Utah sunshine is proof positive!

Real estate is one of my favorite subjects, and the right to own our own homes is one of our treasured blessings in the USA.  I started helping my dad with his real estate business as a little girl in Bountiful, UT!  I have thoroughly enjoyed being a REALTOR myself now for 33 years, and I love working with our top trained and experienced Naisbitt-Bagley Team to benefit you and to help you reach all your real estate goals!  Thank you.

The question we are asked wherever we go is, “How is the market?” Home sales are steady and doing well in Southern Utah, and it appears that home sales are facing a bright future!  Please check out the attached Utah Association of REALTORS (UAR) most recent available closed sales statistics for every county in Utah.  According to this report, Utah’s closed sales are up 2.2% YTD and Utah’s Median Sales

Price is up 7.5% YTD indicating a steady market on the rise in the whole state.


From The Spectrum & Daily Newspaper dated July 23, 2016, we read more good news for our state in the article titled, “Utah ranked No. 1 for business” and I quote, “Both Forbes and CNBC have ranked Utah as the top state for business, listing growth as a major contributing factor to that success.”  Also listed in the article as contributing factors for success in Southern Utah are low taxes, local and state governments trying to make it easier, dedicated people, new companies, Southern Utah Museum of Art, the LDS Temple, the Festival and more.  The article is very positive and informative.  I would add that it is awesome that Southern Utah has something for nearly everyone including universities, national parks, the arts, culture, hunting, fishing, camping, summer games just to name a few.


On the National level, we learn who is buying homes in today’s market. To quote from one article in the July & August 2016 Residential Specialist Real Estate Magazine, “First-time homebuyers make up roughly a third of the buyers who will hit the market this year, a number that is poised to grow.” To continue, “These buyers are a little different than the repeat buyers who dominate the market.  They are a little younger and need to be a little thriftier than their home-owning counterparts. The median age of a first-time buyer is 31, while the median age of a repeat buyer is 53.”  The article goes on to say that most first-time buyers make less money and have less down payment.  Top on their list is an updated kitchen, bath and open floor plan.  They are interested in low maintenance, convenient location, and energy efficiency, but those are lower on their want list.

Trends are changing a bit nationally according to the article in the same magazine titled, “Failure to Start.”  It states, “The starter home has long been the first step into real estate for many homeowners.  It’s typically smaller, cheaper and in need of a few minor repairs, and now many buyers feel it may not be worth their time.  Buyers are increasingly favoring the idea of the forever home over the starter home, according to Bank of America’s Home Buyer Insights report.  Seventy-five percent of first-timers want a home that will fit their needs in a few years, and nearly 70 percent are willing to wait to save more money and move into a nicer home in the future rather than buy a starter home now.”  The danger I would see with that idea would be that it is a proven fact historically that real estate prices go up over time and often faster than most people can save.  I can testify to that since I have made more money on my real estate investments over the last 25 years than in any other way.  Therefore, it seems to me that purchasing an affordable home now would be the wisest way for first-time buyers to poise themselves to purchase that forever dream home later!  I also strongly recommend buying rental properties, motels, commercial buildings and other real estate as the best investment for almost everyone.

For sellers, this is a steady real estate market.  If your real estate has not sold, I strongly recommend the


  1. Request a market overview consultation from our Team to see what has sold in the past month instead of yours.  Are buyers passing you up for lower priced properties or properties that are in better

condition? We need to go over sold properties with you to make sure your real estate is priced with the market.

  1. Then request a consultation with our Team to make sure your home is attractive and in show-perfect condition since your pictures go all over the world on-line. There may be some fun and easy things that can be done such as romantic lighting, exciting yards, the appearance of light and space, fresh paint and inexpensive decorations.  The nice thing about decorations is they go with you when you move but help you sell the home quickly.  Be sure all repairs are made and that the home is in tip-top form.
  2. Top marketing is a must in this market, and that is our job!  We will continue to market your real estate worldwide as well as locally to buyers and to agents. We market to agents as well as buyers because we don’t know which agent your buyer will call!  Therefore, we may not be the one that sells it, but we will most assuredly be the reason it sells thanks to our aggressive marketing.

For your free real estate consultation, please call our Naisbitt-Bagley Team at 435-865-1019 today at ERA Realty Center and email us at bagleyteam@gmail.com. You can call or text Matt Bagley at 435-590-8788, Janet Naisbitt-Bagley at 435-559-7772 and Jennifer Corral at 435-559-0366. We would love to discuss market pricing, home staging, problems, concerns and anything else to help your realty dreams turn into reality! We love referrals and we love hearing from you!

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Splash into the June 2016 Newsletter!

Splash into the June 2016 Newsletter! Nasibitt-Bagley- Team, ERA Realty Center, Real Estate Newsletter Update!

We hope everyone is having a wonderful summer thus far! The market has been holding steady this summer, with prices also continuing to stay steady. We have had a lack of inventory, so anyone thinking of selling a property, now would be a good time get it on the market.

From the Article, The Stats Behind the Inventory Crisis, from the MReport Magazine June 2016, “The newest emerging crisis in the housing market is in the continuous imbalance between supply and demand. Low supply of housing has been an ongoing issue, despite positive indicators from home sales and prices.”

A question that was asked to the magazine was, where does home construction currently stand compared to recent months, as well as historical averages? The magazine replied with “Home construction is on the rise right now, and it is increasing for the single-family homes as well; it’s just not hitting the pre-recession levels or the level we saw in the early 2000s during the housing boom. Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing is not obvious.”

Following this question the magazine was asked, what incentivizes builders to increase construction levels? What holds building back? They said “Demand like we are seeing means builders can get a higher price for what they build, and high demand is the incentive to get builders to build. There are other factors that are preventing them from building, and very often those are rules.”

The magazine was then asked. What challenges are first time homebuyers facing? The magazine then replied with “The answer for first time homebuyers is really short: higher prices. That means they need to come up with more of a down payment, which is harder.”

We are still seeing a lot of new construction in the area. If you are thinking of building and would like to meet with a builder to discuss options, give us a call at 435-865-1019 to schedule a meeting today!

For your free real estate consultation, please call our Naisbitt-Bagley Team at 435-865-1019 today at ERA Realty Center and email us at bagleyteam@gmail.com. You can call or text Matt Bagley at 435-590-8788, Janet Naisbitt-Bagley at 435-559-7772 and Jennifer Corral at 435-559-0366. We would love to discuss staging your home and making sure your list price is at current market value. Do you have any problems or concerns and is there anything else we can do in order to continue to give you top service in helping your realty dreams become reality? We would love to hear from you and we love referrals!

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Spring Forward to May 2016 Newsletter Update!

How’s the market? Spring Forward to May 2016 and Enjoy this Naisbitt-Bagley Team, ERA Realty Center, Real Estate Newsletter Update!

Our local Southern Utah Real Estate market seems to be going strong and steady.  According to the latest Utah Association of REALTORS (UAR) statistics available, Iron County closed sales are up 12% as

compared to the same month in 2015, and the median sales price is up 5.2% to $152,000.  Washington County closed sales are up 10.8% and the median sales price is up 2.3% to $225,000 for that month.  If you look at the year to date (YTD) figures for Beaver County, closed sales are up 14.3% and the median sales price is up 17.6% to $113,000.  Please see the attached UAR Local Market Updates for more details and for every County in Utah.  Since it takes UAR approximately 2 months to compile these statistics, this March report is the latest available.

Most buyers are purchasing their own happy home, but investors are on the rise.  On the national level, here is a quote from the May/June REALTOR Magazine 2016, “Investors are big players in real estate and  they’re expected to continue to have a strong role in many markets in the coming years.  In fact, real estate is increasingly viewed as more desirable than stocks and bonds, with real estate ranking as the top investment choice in a 2015 Gallup poll.”  Southern Utah is definitely one of the real estate markets with investors, and they are looking for properties that can be rented for enough that their tenants’ rent can cover the mortgage and maybe even make a profit after expenses.  I believe rentals are the best investment because the renters typically buy the properties for the landlords.  How nice of them! We do have renters looking for rentals in our market!

Attracting that buyer requires preparation by the owners.  To quote from an article in the May + June issue of the Residential Specialist 2016, “Remodelers Today, Sellers Tommorow,”  “…curb appeal is a huge part of making that vital first impression to potential buyers and can actually upgrade a home’s value.”  We recommend cleaning up, fixing up, painting, sprucing up, adding lighting, clearing gutters, landscaping improvements, and etc. The inside of the home must be show-ready also! The pictures of your property go worldwide to attract buyers and real estate agents to see your home.


The Residential Specialist magazine recommends that sellers and buyers choose an agent with the advanced knowledge, business experience, and referral network found with national training designations:  ABR (Accredited Buyer Representative), GRI (Graduate Real Estate Institute), and CRS (Certified Residential Specialist).  When you choose an agent with ABR, CRS, GRI, you choose the best of the best. These credentials held by Janet Naisbitt-Bagley as well as other designations held by our Naisbitt-Bagley Team are an important part of our Team’s top service and expertise that benefit buyers and sellers.

It is imperative that we continue to stay ahead in this age of technology and of buyers going on-line to find their homes!  Our on-line advertising and top technology benefit both buyers and sellers in the current real estate market. Since most of our buyers are from out of state, our worldwide advertising is a must!  Due to local activities such as Shakespear Festival, hunting, fishing, the arts, plays, camping, National Parks, etc., our local advertising is also very important.  Clients and customers pick up those ad books and call to see homes.  I don’t know of anyone that advertises more aggressively than our Team which helps our clients succeed in reaching all their real estate goals.

Pricing and home staging are also incredibly important. Buyers search for the best buys and then tour their favorites.  They usually pick the homes that show the best and are the best value for their dollar.

There are some buyers looking for fixer uppers, but they expect to pay bottom dollar and make a big profit for all their hard work.

Lots and new construction are selling.  Commercial and land development are still lagging behind residential sales, but we are seeing a bit of action there too.

For your free real estate consultation, please call our Naisbitt-Bagley Team at 435-865-1019 today at ERA Realty Center and email us at bagleyteam@gmail.com.  You can call or text Matt Bagley at 435-590-8788, Janet Naisbitt-Bagley at435-559-7772 and Jennifer Corral at 435-559-0366.  We would love to discuss staging your home and making sure your list price is at current market value.  Do you have any problems or concerns and is there anything else we can do in order to continue to give you top service in helping your realty dreams become reality?  We would love to hear from you and we love referrals!

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Spring Forward to April 2016 Newsletter Update

Spring Forward to April 2016 Newsletter Update from the Naisbitt-Bagley Team at ERA Realty Center, Cedar City, UT


“How’s the real estate market,” is the happy question we hear wherever we go!  The market is awesome, but allow me to go into more detail just for you:


The latest Utah Association of REALTORS (UAR) Updates for February 2016 have just been published.  It takes approximately 2 months for the UAR to compile all of the statistics from every county.  Iron County closed sales are down 19.4% year to date (YTD) as compared to last year.  The median sales price is up 11.5% to $145,000.  Washington County closed sales are up 2.1% YTD and their Median sales price is down 1.4% as compared to last year to $215,000. Beaver County closed sales are up 33.3% and median sales price is up 56.6% YTD to $153,000.  More detail and all other counties are in attached report.


The Iron County Board of REALTORs’ first quarter graphs are attached.  ERA Realty Center again sold more homes than any other office thanks to our awesome clients and customers.  Thank you very much!  381 homes sold under $199,999 and 105 sold over $200,000.  Lower prices win, but we see that homes priced with the market are selling in all price ranges.  The Market Analysis shows 575 single family homes for sale.  237 sold during the first quarter and 202 homes have accepted contracts on them.  Condo/Townhouses show 133 active listings.  72 sold and 47 are under contract.  There are 1021 lots on the market and 73 sold the first quarter.  39 went under contract.  It is clear that there are more lots on the market than buyers to buy them.  454 parcels of acreage are on the market and only 24 sold the first quarter.  9 went under contract.  Obviously, residential properties are the most popular.  Commercial and development land are still slow sellers.


An article in the March/April 2016 REALTOR magazine titled, “A Troubling Shortage of Homes states, “Housing shortages are the rule in most states and there’s no reason to expect anything to change this year.”  The article calls for more homes to be built to meet the need arising out of low inventory.  Southern Utah mirrors that concern.  I believe the reason our number of closed sales has declined is because there are fewer homes on the market. We have investors and first-time buyers having a difficult time finding homes to meet the need of low monthly payments.  We have one home buyer that made offers on 3 homes only to lose out to other buyers that offered more each time.  An article in March 2016 DS News indicates that delinquency rate and foreclosures are down which is a plus for our economy but doesn’t help the housing shortage.


“How can we sell our home at top dollar quickly,” is another question we hear and that we answer with 4 points listed here:


  1. Naisbitt-Bagley Team’s top technology, marketing, training, experience, expertise, service and negotiating skills benefit your sale.  We work hard to help you!
  2. Fix up, clean up, brighten, de-clutter, spruce up, repair, paint, carpet, organize, decorate, stage, landscape, improve the curb appeal, etc. to attract your offer!
  3. Ask our Team for market value information including sold comparable properties as well as competing properties for sale to help your home’s price compete.
  4. Allow your home to be shown when the buyer wants to see it.  Otherwise, your property could be deleted if it is out of the way of the buyer’s tour of homes.


Check out our website at findhomesincedarcityut.com for staging, pricing, and other ideas.  Please call our Naisbitt-Bagley Team at 435-865-1019 for your free consultation regarding financing, staging, market pricing, inspectors, concerns, questions and etc., or emailbagleyteam@gmail.com.  We are always there for you!  You can also text and call our team on our mobile phones:  Mathew Bagley at 435-590-8788, Janet Naisbitt-Bagley at 435-559-7772 and Jennifer Corral at 435-559-0366.  We are known as the real estate team that cares.  We work together with you to make your realty dreams turn into reality!

February stats

2016 Marches Forward with an Awesome Real Estate Year!

2016 Marches Forward with an Awesome Real Estate Year!  The Naisbitt-Bagley Team First Spring Newsletter from ERA Realty Center:  How’s The Market?


According to the latest statistics available from the Utah Association of REALTORS (UAR), Beaver County Closed Sales are up 60% and their Median Sales Price is up 56.6% to $153,000!  Iron County Closed Sales are down 25.4% and the Median Sales Price is up 19.8% to $162,900.  Washington County Closed Sales are up 5.4% and the Median Sales Price is down l.8%.  Utah State Closed Sales are up 10.1% and Median Sales Price is now $225,000 which is up 4.7%.  See attached “Local Market Updates by County” for more details and the rest of the counties.


Let’s take a look at last year since the Iron County Board of REALTORS Multiple List Service (MLS) statistics are now available and attached for all of 2015 for all the offices in the Board:


*ERA Realty Center sold more homes than any other office in 2015 as they have for many years.   We, therefore, send a huge thank you to all of our clients and customers and to our past clients for referring their friends, family and associates to us!


*According to these MLS statistics, there were 1179 homes that sold and only 319 lots.  Yet we have 557 homes on the market and 1013 lots.  The lot figure doesn’t count the acreage and farms which add 449 parcels of land and 88 that sold last year.  There are 24 condo/townhouses on the market and 26 sold last year.  A few commercial properties sold but are not listed in the statistics. 


*All price ranges are selling as you will see in the attached report.  401 homes sold under $199,999 and 402 homes sold between $200,000 and $399,999.  55 sold above $400,000. 


Aggressive marketing is vital in selling homes in any real estate market.  I don’t know of another REALTOR that markets more aggressively than our Naisbitt-Bagley Team, and ERA Realty Center is also on the front line of advertising!  Have you heard of ZAP?  On the front page of the “Real Estate” magazine Volume 32, No. 3, is the huge word “ZAP” and an agent with the caption, “Zap is so amazing..my clients think I am super hero!”  To quote from the article on page 37, “The Zap technology was fine-tuned by real estate operators with first-hand knowledge of the day-to-day business,” says Perriello.  “You can see that in every aspect of the platform–customer relationship management (CRM), websites, mobile apps.  This was not technology for technology’s sake.  It was designed to sell houses.”  Earlier in the article it states, “The power of Zap is that it provides the agent, the ability to know who needs help, what help they need, and how to deliver that help even before they reach out for it,” Baker says.  We have ZAP to benefit you along with our other top technology, top service, top training and top experience!


Market pricing and staging are also very important in getting real estate sold in today’s market.  Please call our Naisbitt-Bagley Team for current market value information and for details to get your home or property ready to be shown all over the world on video and in slide shows on-line and in pictures in our print ads.  Our global advertising goes everywhere, and we want your property to attract your buyer!


On the national level, The fear of affordability is a more worrying issue for buyers than fears about the effect of rising interest rates.  Low Interest rates are still helping to keep home prices affordable as Sales Prices are on the rise according to the March/April issue of the REALTOR magazine for 2016, and there seems to be “A Troubling Shortage of Homes,” according to Lawrence Yun NAR chief economist.


According to MReport February 2016 magazine, “U.S. Banks Report Fewer Delinquencies.”


For your free real estate consultation regarding, market value, questions, and concerns, please contact our Naisbitt-Bagley Team today:  Matt Bagley at435-590-8788, Jennifer Corral at 435-559-0366, Janet Naisbitt-Bagley at 435-559-7772 or at our direct office line 435-865-1019.  You can also emailbagleyteam@gmail.com.  Check out 

january 2016 stats

For the love of February 2016 Naisbitt-Bagley Team Seller Newsletter

For the love of February 2016 Naisbitt-Bagley Team Seller Newsletter Update


Utah Association of REALTORS (UAR) Local Market Updates for December 2015 are now available.  It took UAR two months to prepare this attached statistical report for every county in Utah. I look forward to reading the December report every year to get year to date (YTD) data for the whole years as compared to the previous year. Southern Utah is doing well as follows:

Iron County Closed Sales were up 27.3% for 2015 as compared to 2014, and the Median Sales Price was up 7.8% to $149,900. Washington County Closed Sales were up 13.7% for 2015 as compared to 2014, and the Median Sales Price was up 4.6% to $224,925. Beaver County Closed Sales were up 28.1% in 2015 as compared to 2014, and the Median Sales Price was up 6.4% to $125,000.

The entire State’s Closed Sales were up by 15.6% and the State’s Median Sales Price was up 6.3% to $228,500 for 2015 as compared to 2014.


2015 was an awesome year for real estate in Utah, and 2016 is expected to be even better. Sales prices are rising slowly and steadily. Foreclosures are only a fraction of what they were in the past. Investors are looking to buy multi-units and the demand for rental’s has increased. First time buyers as well as buyers downsizing and moving up are finding affordable dream homes. Existing residential sales top the market. Lots are selling but the inventory is much higher than the number of buyers. We are seeing a few commercial and land sales. Interest rates are low which has been instrumental in helping buyers enjoy affordable monthly payments. The health of the housing market and economy have improved.  Buyers and sellers are both enjoying successful moves.


According to Zillow in an article in 2016 DS News, “All panelists agreed that the expected average annual home-value appreciation rate is now just over 3 percent, resulting in a national median home-value of more than $215,000 by the end of 2020.” Utah’s median sales price is already above that figure.

I believe a huge part of selling homes and property is curb appeal. When I was in real estate school, I learned that buyers purchase their own homes 90% on emotion. At first, I thought that was insane because that is a huge expense. I thought it should be a brainpower decision. I have changed my mind

over the years. Home has to feel good because that is where we go at the end of the day.  It needs to feel warm and fuzzy. First impressions are critically important, so curb appeal is huge! Some buyers won’t even go inside a home that isn’t inviting!


For a quick sale at top dollar, I recommend improving the following to attract your buyer from their first look:

1.  Stand in front of your home and picture it from the eyes of your buyer seeing it for the first time.

2.  Is the landscaping beautiful with trimmed bushes and trees and no weeds?  Does the yard look clean      and fresh?

3.  Is the exterior siding freshly painted, stained, cleaned and in good repair?  If the home is brick or rock or other, does it look nice or are there problems?

4.  Are the windows washed inside and out?

5.  Does the entryway look welcoming with potted plants, wreath, new mat, nice house numbers, attractive door handle and door, and etc.?

6.  Step back after you have completed sprucing up the exterior as listed above. Look again and see if there is anything else you can do.  It is a good idea to go on-line and look at some of the homes

there to get ideas. Investing in curb appeal helps the buyer know you have taken good care of your entire home before they even walk in the door.

7.  Of course, making sure the inside of the home is just as awesome is a crucial step!

Even empty lots sell quicker if they are easy on the eyes! We sold a lot in Enoch on the spot after the seller paid a little money to have it cleared!

Of course, top advertising is also required to sell real estate, and I don’t know of anyone that markets more aggressively than our Naisbitt-Bagley Team both on-line all over the world and in print!  We market to buyers and to agents because we don’t know which agent your buyer will call!  We may not be the one that sells your home or property, but we will be the reason it sells!  We market our homes and properties on all 3 major multiple listing services (MLSs) in Utah. That is important for a quick sale and I don’t know another agent that does!


If your home or property are show-perfect and if the price is right, the sale can be quick and at top dollar.  Isn’t that what you want? Overpriced properties do not sell, so please call our Team for a value

overview to see if a market adjustment in price is needed if your home or property isn’t sold now.

For your free consultation or if you have any questions, recommendations and/or concerns, please call our Naisbitt-Bagley Team at 435-865-1019 at ERA Realty Center or email bagleyteam@gmail.com. You can text or call Matt Bagley at 435-590-8788, Janet Naisbitt-Bagley at 435-559-7772 and Jennifer Corral at 435-559-0366. We would love to hear from you!

December 2015 Stats

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