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Naisbitt-Bagley Team, ERA Realty Center, Real Estate Update for April 2013

Have you heard the old saying, “April showers brings forth May flowers?”  This year it is our beautiful April snow that will bring forth the May flowers.  Mowing and watering were put off for a few days in the Cedar City area when our lawns and flowers were covered in a lovely white blanket of snow.

The “Local Market Updates by County February 2013” have arrived from the Utah Association of REALTORS (UAR).  It takes the UAR approximately 2 to 3 months to compile these statistics, so the attached report is the most current available and covers every county in Utah. 

According to the attached UAR report for Iron County, closed Sales were up in February 2013 by 10% as compared to February 2012.  The number of closed sales year to date (YTD), however, is down 7.5% in 2013 as compared to 2012.  I believe that figure has gone back up, but we won’t know until we get the March and April UAR reports.  The Median Sales Price has gone up to $111,000 YTD 2013 as compared to 2012.  February 2013 Median Sales Price is $113,360 which shows home prices are inching up.  Have fun comparing the other counties in Utah. 

Homes are selling in all price ranges as long as they are priced with the market.  Homes priced under $150,000 seem to be attracting most of the buyers and sometimes get multiple offers.  Investors are back in the market.  Newer duplexes and 4-plexes sell quickly.

HUD, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac give priority bidding time to buyers who are purchasing homes to occupy.  Homeowners definitely have the advantage over investors in purchasing these homes.   Investors have to wait until the homeowner priority bidding times are past before they can offer on these homes.  Often they are already sold by then.

With the improvement in the real estate market, it is my opinion that it is a good time to sell as well as to buy as long as the home shows well and is priced with the market.  Please call for a consultation regarding pricing and staging.

I do recommend that buyers who want to buy do so right away while interest rates and prices are still low at the same time to make an affordable monthly payment. 

We are seeing some new construction.  Lot sales seem to be improving and a few commercial properties have sold.   Resale homes are still the most popular at this time.

The unemployment rate has improved and there is a new roofing company and another company moving here.  Also, a manufacturing company is planning to expand.  All of this is good news for our area. 

The announcement at conference that a temple will be built in Cedar City is causing some excitement.

Please call the Naisbitt-Bagley team today at 435-865-1019 at ERA Realty Center or email naisbitt@infowest.com or text Janet’s mobile at 435-559-7772 for a free consultation.

Cedar City Home Prices Are Affordable if You Rush!

The most recently compiled data by the Utah Association
of REALTORs (UAR) for Iron County shows the median home sales price has risen again!

Buyers, do not give up yet. It is not too late to purchase a bargain if you hurry. Buyers can still enjoy an affordable monthly payment for their dream home.

The scales seem to be shifting, and multiple offers are being attracted by homes priced with the market. Buyers may need to be patient as they compete to get their home. If they lose out to a higher bidder, try again with an offer on a second favorite. Keep at least 2 or 3 in mind.

Call the Naisbitat-Bagley Team today at 435-865-1019 or email naisbitt@infowest.com for experienced, trained top service for the results you need, want and deserve.

The Naisbitt-Bagley Team knows the real estate market and have high skills in negotiations and contracts, which is important in today’s shifting real estate market.

Experience the difference with the real estate team that cares about you. They will work hard to help make your home ownership fun and easy.

“Cedar slated for temple”

Everyone is calling, texting, and talking about the announcement at Conference by President Monson of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints that there will be a temple right here in Cedar City, Utah.

This is already a warm and friendly community in which to live. I have even had clients tell me they want to purchase a home here because, “It feels good and people even smile and say hi to you.” I am sure it will feel even better with the temple here!

There are several new companies moving here, and we have much for which to be grateful in our area.

It will be fun to watch the temple go up! What an exciting time to live here! We are blessed.

Homes Sell Quickly–Choose Yours Now

Dear friends/clients and I toured homes last week. It was delightful to see them again and work with them after many years. They moved out of state over 6 years ago. I had not seen them since I sold their home for them, and I am pleased that they have chosen the Cedar City area to retire. I believe it is a wise choice to live in our friendly community where there is such a diversity of activities to enjoy.

Before they got here, they gave me a list of 39 homes in which they had interest. Several of them had already gone under contract by the time they drove here to take a look at the homes. We toured homes quickly and they narrowed down to 6 that they liked best. Those
were seen again the next morning, and we made an offer on their first choice. We knew an offer had come in on it. By the time we presented their offer, another buyer had their offer accepted. We received word that offers were coming in on several of the homes on their top 6 list. They offered on choice number 2. Their were some stressful moments when it looked like another offer might win the race, but my friends are under contract to purchase a very nice home that they are happy to purchase.

If you want to own your home while bargain prices and low interest rates make your payment affordable, you will want to call the Naisbitt-Bagley Team at 435-865-1019 or email naisbitt@infowest.com today for top experience, training, knowledge, and service to get your top results before your favorite home belongs to someone else! The Naisbitt-Bagley team will work hard to get you the results you deserve.

Repair The Home As Part of The Loan!

“What if the home of my dreams in the location I hope to live in needs repairs? What if my lender says I qualify for a loan, but the home I want does not.” This is a question I heard recently.

The above question can be answered with a happy, “You need a renovation loan!” With renovation financing, you get a loan that covers both the repairs and the cost of the home. There is one application, one closing and one monthly payment. The repairs are made after closing. This is not too good to be true. This is good and true!

What is the down payment for buyers looking yo occupy the home? With FHA, it is 3.5% on the whole package. You are looking at 5% down if you go conventional. Investors would need 20 to 25% down. Yes, investors can use renovation loans also!

How? Please call The Naisbitt-Bagley Team at ERA Realty Center today to find out the details at 435-865-1019 or email naisbitt@inxsnet.com. They would love to use their experience and expertise to help you make all your real estate dreams a reality.

Easter–The Most Amazing Celebration of All

I think of the song, “Oh, it is wonderful that he should care for me enough to die for me. Oh, it is wonderful, wonderful to me.” What a beautiful Easter! Thoughts of the atonement bring wonder’ peace, love, awe and overwhelming gratitude.

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