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WHAT?  WHAT Is Today’s Market Doing?  Find Out in This May 2018 Matt Bagley Team Real Estate Newsletter Update!

WHAT?  WHAT Is Today’s Market Doing?  Find Out in This May 2018 Matt Bagley Team Real Estate Newsletter Update!


Wow!  The market is looking good for buyers and sellers! Interest rates and prices make homes affordable in this positive and steady market.  We are going to have an awesome summer!  Closed sales are up 15.3%, and the Median Sales Price in our local Iron County Market is now $195,000 which is up 8.2% Year to date per the latest published Utah Association of REALTORS Local Market Updates by County.  See attached for details and information on every county in Utah.


What homes are selling?  Homes that are in good condition and that are priced to compete in this market are selling quickly with our Team’s top technology, advertising and negotiating skills.  Location is important, so homes should be priced to compete with homes in similar locations!  Call our Team today for our trained suggestions on pricing and staging, to help your home or property attract the next buyer!  I don’t know of anyone that advertises more aggressively for you to succeed!


What do buyers want?  Existing homes are the top attraction!  Some buyers are preferring new construction, so lots are selling.  A new home can cost a bit more to get exactly what is wanted however.  We are seeing some delays in construction due to non-availability of subcontractors to finish the project. Location is always a big consideration.  Some want a home within walking distance of town, temple, churches, restaurants, schools, etc.  Others want a little land and perhaps some animals. Convenient locations and open floor plans are popular.  Most are looking for attractive homes that are already repaired and in good condition.  Fixing up in advance is best for top dollar.  We are seeing buyers moving to luxurious upscale homes and some that are downsizing to smaller square footage.  Energy efficiency is important.  Investors are looking for rental properties that their tenants will pay off the mortgages for them.  A few commercial and development properties are attracting attention.


No matter what the goals of buyers and sellers, our Team works hard to succeed!  Happiness is contagious, and we use our professional expertise, experience, top service, technology and training to turn your realty dreams into reality! That brings joy, success and satisfaction to everyone in the transaction as buyers move in and love their homes and sellers move on to succeed in finding their future real estate dreams come true.


According to an article on page 27 in The Residential Specialist May + June Magazine, “In December 2017, housing inventory was down 10.3% from a year earlier.  It has declined for 31 consecutive months on a year-on-year basis.”  Our low-inventory can be navigated with hard work from our Team of experts!  This article goes on to say, “Fortunately, the challenges aren’t insurmountable.  When you know how to strategize effectively, low inventory can be just as fruitful as it is frustrating.”  Your Matt Bagley Team has many years of experience and we are trained to help you succeed in every real estate market no matter what the challenges.


I do love real estate!  This is an exciting market!  Please call the Matt Bagley Team today for your free real estate consultation and for answers to all of your questions and concerns at 435-865-1019 at ERA Realty Center or email our Bagleyteam@gmail.com.  Please call or text our Team:  Matt Bagley at 435-590-8788, Jennifer Corral at 435-559-0366 and Janet Naisbitt-Bagley at 435-559-7772.  We want to help you to succeed!



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