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Happy Mother’s Day to All Women Everywhere!

I wish all women everywhere a very Happy Mother’s Day whether you are blessed with children of your own or whether you are a positive influence for good in the lives of others or both!

I remember as a teenager in our Church Young Women’s class, our teacher, Ardeth Kapp, was very sad that she didn’t have children of her own. Yet she had an amazing and positive effect on all of us in her class for 6 years and continues to care today. She made a difference in every one of our lives. She went on to be Young Women’s General President for the entire Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and had an influence for good for thousands of Young Women all over the world. Her books have inspired people of all ages. One of my favorites is, You Are Better Than You Think You Are. She is an amazing woman and I wish her Happy Mothers Day and send loving wishes and thanks with all my heart.

My own dear mother has passed away, but she was the best and still is. They don’t come any better! I hope to be worthy to be with Mom and Dad and all my family, friends and loved ones for all eternity!

I know Dads who deserve a Happy Mother’s Day also! Therefore, let me expand my warm wishes for a Happy Mother’s Day to all!

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