Janet Naisbitt-Bagley

ERA Realty Center, Cedar City, Utah

December Newsletter With Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Wishes from the Matt Bagley Team!

December Newsletter With Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Wishes from the Matt Bagley Team!

2017 has been an awesome year for our Southern Utah real estate market!  We feel very blessed and send our warmest thank you to all of you!  ERA Realty Center is still number one top producing office.  The future looks very bright for 2018!

The Utah Association of REALTORS (UAR) reports a 20.5% increase in Iron County closed sales in their latest published statistics. The same report shows a 15.8% increase in our median sales price.  See attached “Local Market Updates by County” for more details and for every county in Utah.

Homes on the market during the holiday season are charming and bring buyers warm memories of happy Christmases past.  That feel-good emotion invites buyers to make offers!  Typically, buyers are very serious and ready to buy when they are willing to take time to tour homes this time of year!

Foreclosures and short sales are nearly a thing of the past but not quite.  Our real estate market is steady and moving upward at a reasonable pace with very few short sales and foreclosures.

Some ask if there is another “Bubble Risk in Housing” ahead.  That is an excellent question.  If I had a crystal ball that worked, I would answer it!  I personally don’t believe so here yet.  We have a strong economy.  For a national viewpoint, let’s turn to DS News November 2017 Magazine and the following quote, “Some cities across the country show signs of an oncoming housing bubble, even though most home prices in U.S. cities remain below their 2008 peak in real terms.”  The article goes on to mention several big U. S. cities.  A paragraph regarding San Francisco, CA, says, “the city shows signs of overvaluation but no bubble risk. . .”

The Cedar City, UT, Temple brought thousands to the open house and cultural event.  It was amazing.  The dedication took place on Sunday, December 10, 2017.  What a joyous occasion that  many welcomed with tears and gratitude.

To attract buyers, it is of utmost importance to aggressively advertise, and the Matt Bagley Team has one of the most aggressive marketing plans and it works.  It is also imperative that homes show well and that they are priced with the market to be competitive.  Homes are selling quickly that are priced correctly and show well.  Contact the Matt Bagley Team today at 435-865-1019 for market pricing and staging ideas at 435-865-1019 at ERA Realty Center.  Email bagleyteam@gmail.com or text/call Matt 435-590-8788, Jennifer Corral 435-559-0366 and me, Janet Naisbitt-Bagley 435-559-7772.  MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS!  HAVE THE HAPPIEST NEW YEAR YET


UAR October 2017

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