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Matt Bagley Team’s Chilling 2017 Happy Halloween Real Estate Newsletter Update!

Matt Bagley Team’s Chilling 2017 Happy Halloween Real Estate Newsletter Update!

How’s the fall market?  Wow!  Thrilling news!  Cedar City Area’s Median Sales Price is up Year-to-Date 18.4% to $190,000, and that’s no spook story!  The Utah Association of REALTORs (UAR) recently published August 2017 Local Market Updates by County and reported Iron County closed sales are up 21.9%.  Please see attached for more details and for information on every county.  Watch for the 3rd quarter Multiple Listing Service (MLS) graphs with even more information when available in our next update.


Our local real estate market is alive and well as it is in most areas of the country according to recent news. Inventory is still low, and we have more buyers than homes available for sale even though there is some new construction. Lots are still slow sellers.  Our builders locally are quite busy which is a good healthy sign of a steady market.


Preparing homes for sale is of prime importance for a quick sale.  The Residential Specialist Sept/Oct real estate magazine reports “Doing home projects yourself can help you save money…and fill you with pride at a job well done with your own two hands. But there are circumstances where a pro is the way to go…” Patching drywall, cleaning the air conditioner condenser unit and repairing plumbing hardware are worth tackling on your own.  However, the article suggests calling a pro if there is a big hole in the drywall, if you want to repair or replace the HVAC, and if you have remodeling renovations that require alterations to the plumbing.  Repairing and fixing up are valuable aids in attracting a quick sale.


Of course, homes need to be clean, painted, decluttered, organized and beautiful to show well in the pictures we send all over the world on line and to attract your buyer.  I recommend going into each room and deciding what can be done to make more light and space.  If closets, cupboards or drawers are crowded, your home will look like there is not enough storage.  Taking 3 boxes into each space helps.  Everything can be beautifully arranged or placed in the garbage, donation or packing box. When this is accomplished, the home should be ready to show as long as you have done all necessary to beautify both the inside and out.  First impressions go a long way in giving your buyer that warm fuzzy home feeling.  Call our Team.  Giving home-preparation and staging suggestions are part of our service.


Preparing the home for sale is valuable, but so is pricing the home correctly!  Please call our Team for a market overview to make sure your home is priced to compete with other homes.  You want your home to show the best and to be priced correctly to get top dollar quickly.


Our marketing is tops and it works! I don’t know of anyone that advertises more aggressively to get your real estate sold!  If it shows well and is priced reasonably, our advertising will get a quick offer at top dollar! If you don’t already have an offer, please contact our team today to discuss what you can do to help!


Please call our Team at 435-865-1019 at ERA Realty Center for your free consultation!  You can also email bagleyteam@gmail.com or text Matt Bagley at 435-590-8788, Jennifer Corral at 435-559-0366 and Janet Naisbitt-Bagley at 435-559-7772.  This Newsletter is written by Janet Naisbitt-Bagley.  We want to answer all your questions and concerns and give you top service.  We want our top experience and expertise to benefit you and help you turn your realty dreams into reality.

UAR April 2017

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