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The Nasbitt-Bagley Team Gratitude Attitude Fall Real Estate Newsletter

The Naisbitt-Bagley Team Gratitude Attitude Fall 2016 Real Estate Newsletter from ERA Realty Center

We have thoroughly enjoyed a beautiful fall, but those freezing temperatures are upon us. We hope owners have winterized vacant properties, sprinkler systems, evaporated coolers and etc. because the weather outside is ice cold!  Brrrr!

We always hear the question, how’s the market?  2016 has been a very successful year for real estate for buyers and sellers, and we expect it to continue through the holidays and into 2017.  The market is steady and slowly moving upward.  The inventory is low and interest rates are down, so home mortgages are often lower than rent. 


Showing homes is a delight over the holidays because they are often warm, cozy and decorated with festive trees and ornaments.  The aroma of baked goodies fills the air!  


Some sellers erroneously believe there is no chance to sell homes in the winter, but we have found that serious buyers look for homes even when it is icy and snowy outside!  In fact, Looky Lous rarely venture out in the winter!  Many sellers wait until spring to list their homes.  It is true that there are usually more buyers in spring and summer, but there are more houses on the market for sale too!  We recommend selling when you want to sell whatever the season!  There are compensating factors in both. 


We have both Utah Association of REALTORS (UAR) county statistics and Iron County Board of REALTORS Multiple Listing Service (MLS) graphs included in this important update:

According to most current UAR report attached, Iron County Median sales price is up 11.7% to $164,500 as compared to $147,500 in 2015.  Beaver County is $128,400 which is up 14.1%.  Washington County is up 6.3% to $239,000.  See attached for more details and for all Utah counties  


According to attached MLS graphs for all offices in the Board of REALTORS, ERA Realty Center sold more homes than any other office in 2016 as they have for many years.  We very much appreciate our clients and customers and send heartfelt thanks to all for their business!  We are grateful for loyal clients. 


According to the July 1 to October 31, 2016 MLS statistics, 319 homes sold under $199,999 and 223 homes sold above $200,000 up to infinity.  Homes are selling in all ranges when priced at market.  


For a free market value overview, please call our Naisbitt-Bagley Team today.  We advertise aggressively in print and all over the globe for buyers and for realtors!  Therefore, it is imperative that the price is right on homes and properties to entice buyers who see our ads to set up a tour and see your home or property! 


Current Market Analysis shows that more single family homes have sold than any other type of property during those months. 436 homes sold and there are 530 active home listings.  There are 1413 parcels of land and lots currently on the market, but only 180 sold in this period of time.  91 condos and townhomes sold and there are currently 98 on the market for sale.  Commercial properties are not selling quickly, but we do see some sales.

It is incredibly important to make sure homes and properties are ready to sell in order to attract your offer. An article in the November/December issue of the Residential Specialist magazine, instructs sellers to fix the following: 


“Things that are simple and easy to fix, but not too expensive, such as doors not hanging properly, condensation leaks in the furnace, broken cabinets, plumbing leaks, (like a pail under a sink), landscaping, painting, replacing internal and external light fixtures, simple hardware updates Electrical issues Items that are a clear safety risk or environmental issue, such as broken steps, loose or missing handrails or guard rails, buried or abandoned oil tanks”


The article continues and suggests that sellers “Take steps to appeal to buyers to get the best price for the home, without overspending on items that might not jibe with a buyer’s personal taste.”


We recommend that roofs and flooring are in good repair and that your home is decluttered and shows well enough to be in pictures because it will be–all over the world! Call our Team to answer questions regarding staging your home. 


For your free real estate consultation, please call our Naisbitt-Bagley Team today at ERA Realty Center at 435-865-1019 or email bagleyteam@gmail.com regarding staging, market pricing, questions, concerns, problems, and regarding our aggressive global market plan. We would love our expertise and top service to benefit you in helping you make your realty dreams become reality.  You can text or call Matt Bagley at 435-590-8788, Janet Naisbitt-Bagley at 435-559-7772, and Jennifer Corral at 435-559-0366.


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