Janet Naisbitt-Bagley

ERA Realty Center, Cedar City, Utah

“Realistic Picture of a ‘Healthy’ Market”

The January 2013 DSNEWS Magazine arrived today with an article called, “Freddie Mac Paints Realistic Picture of a ‘Healthy’ Market.” This good news is quoted from Freddie Mac, “The housing market is slowly but surely getting back up to speed, but don’t expect it recover to peak levels, Freddie Mac said in its U.S. Economic and Housing Market Outlook released in mid-November.” We are thrilled with the steady recovery we are seeing in the Cedar City, UT, area real estate market. We are happy not to see huge waves up and down after the highs and lows we experienced in the past few years. We are very much enjoying this recovery.

Also in the same magazine article is the following statement, “In the outlook, Freddie Mac’s economics team takes into account recent trends, housing indicators, and shifting demographic patterns to put together a picture of what makes a ‘healthy’ housing market.” This explains why Freddie Mac can make an educated statement like “surely getting back up to speed.” We are seeing this right now.

For example, recently we did a Broker’s Price Opinion to let one of our foreclosure companies know the value of a property. We put it on the market and received 4 offers immediately. This home will sell significantly above list price. Another home in the same subdivision also sold above what homes had sold for in the recent past in this particular area.

The turn upwards is proving the age-old saying, “Real Estate Over Time Goes Up.”

For more information on the real estate market, call the Naisbitt-Bagley Team at 435-865-1019 or email naisbitt@infowest.com.

To see free reports and current bargains in our area including foreclosures, new construction and short sales, go to http://www.homesincedarcity.com.

The Naisbitt-Bagley Team would love to help you with all of your real estate needs whether buying or selling.

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