Janet Naisbitt-Bagley

ERA Realty Center, Cedar City, Utah

Are Your 2013 New Years’ Goals Written?

I just barely finished writing my 2013 goals.  Hopefully, they are set in stone now that I can see them on this paper.  I haven’t actually signed them yet, but I do plan to build up the courage to do so.  My signature should add concrete to set them in stone.  The signature idea must be my real estate training.  Real Estate contracts must be in writing and signed by all parties.  Since I am the only party, this is a unilateral contract; therefore, my word to myself should be enough.  Right?  Even though that is probably true, I really don’t want to give myself the opportunity to change my mind.  My signature will soon be on these New Years’ resolutions of mine.

I have been thinking about my 2013 goals since before Christmas.  I have even been pondering what would help me enjoy a balanced life.  Balance is important to me but difficult to achieve.  I would also like to add a touch of simplification to my over-busy schedule, but I am not sure how to do that as yet.  There are things I want to add, but nothing I want to delete.  Therefore, for now, the signature can wait.  I want to make sure these goals feel good to me.  That may require a little prayer and meditation.  Obviously, I am taking goal-setting to a new level for me this year becauseI am very serious about achieving balance!

For sure I will continue to give top service, top experience, top knowledge and top results to all real estate clients.  I do always want to make sure the Naisbitt-Bagley Team cares about and helps every client reach their real estate goals.  This goal has actually become a habit that will continue.  It’s other things in life that are needed for balance.

I also want to purchase a rental home this year while interest rates are low and prices are bargains.  I also plan to build twin homes on one of my lots. I know excellent builders in our area that can help with that goal.  They will be good rentals, in my opinion, as well as a good investment for the future; since real estate, over time, goes up.

If your real estate goals for 2013 include real estate, please call the Naisbitt-Bagley Team at 435-865-1019 at ERA Realty Center for all your real estate wants and needs.  You can also text Janet’s or Matt’s mobile’s at 435-559-7772 or 435-590-8788.  The toll free number is 800-934-3742!

Every member of the Naisbitt-Bagley Team has the knowledge, experience, integrity and caring that will benefit you in reaching your real estate goals.  All are highly trained in writing real estate contracts and negotiating on your behalf.  You need that expertise in today’s real estate market.

The Naisbitt-Bagley Team including Matt Bagley, Janet Naisibtt-Bagley, Jennifer Corral, Susan Wiley and Amanda Bagley will work hard to make your transaction fun and easy!  That’s 5 giving you top service rather than just 1!

Are your 2013 goals set in stone?  We wish you the very best happy year you could possible enjoy with lots of love, joy, success, comfort, peace, health, prosperity, and happiness. 

The Naisbitt-Bagley Team would love to help you make all of your real estate goals come true whether buying, selling, or investing in your future.  Please call 435-865-ten-nineteen today!  Please check out the free reports and great information including the MLS listings of real estate for sale including short sales, foreclosures and other bargains at www.homesincedarcity.com.

Written by Janet Naisbitt-Bagley, Naisbitt-Bagley Team, 435-865-1019, ERA Realty Center



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