Janet Naisbitt-Bagley

ERA Realty Center, Cedar City, Utah

It’s All About The Client When They Are Buying Their Own Home!

I remember working in a place as a teenager that had a sign on the wall that said, “The customer is always right!”  I have always believed that is true.  Top service is what every client deserves in every case.  Usually REALTORS are flexible enough to work with the clients in a way that is satisfactory to the client.  We try to remember that their interests come first ahead of our own.

I was taught from my youth to go the “extra mile.”  Service is more than filling needs, in my opinion, it requires caring, knowledge, preparation, responsibility, dependability, experience, loyalty, kindness, sincerity, understanding and much more.  We need to be there for them.  Most REALTORS work hard to fit this ideal.

One of the reasons I went to work at ERA Realty Center is the broker’s statement, “I don’t want any agents with $ signs in their eyes.  If you give good, hard, honest service, then the dollars will follow.”  That was similar to what my dad, who was a real estate broker for many years, had told me; so I hung my license at ERA.

My dad had taught me that you must treat everyone with honesty and integrity and work hard.  He said the word would get out, and satisfied clients would refer me to others.  Good advice, Dad!  Thank you!  My dad has passed on to a better world, but his advice to REALTORS or anyone in business is excellent and stands proven.  Most REALTORS live up to this goal.

Every client deserves a listening ear.  Communication is key.  How else can you learn what they want and know what their goals are?  Listen and learn.  Act and please.  Build a rapport with them that allows them to be comfortable and to communicate their feelings and desires.  I believe most REALTORS put clients first.

Typically, REALTORS make sure clients are aware of the real estate that is available that matches their needs by using all of the technology available as well as our own efforts.  We want to make sure the clients know of every home or property that matches their criteria and that they learn of new properties immediately as they come on the market.

Negotiating skills are valuable and necessary.  REALTORS negotiate on their clients’ behalf, so training and experience are necessary tools.

Most REALTORS like to inform clients about all the details and contracts in the transaction and the process involved along with giving them copies of everything.  Letting clients know what you are doing for them and why it needs to be done is important.  Some clients do not understand the real estate language.  What seems simple to an agent, may be like a foreign language to a buyer or seller.  We are like real estate educators for our clients.

As the title exclaims,  “It’s All About The Client!”  That is why the REALTOR is the client’s best friend!

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